Monday, November 7, 2016

First Day Quotables

First day of school has already turned into first day of fall has already turned into almost Thanksgiving. Whoa . . . So, in typical bullet fashion (because, the expectation of having more time when your kid is in school . . . baloney).

The Happenings:
First Day/school pics
We had a sweet and non-emotional first day of school. Little gifts exchanged, including new music for the car ride, Rain for Roots. SO good, try it.
Karis was so excited to give Busy Town to Judah for the first day of school. Love her heart. Karis is thriving in school, learning quickly, joyfully being true to who she is. Sewing, reading, singing, adding, hot lunch on Thursdays, everything. Grateful.

Like I said, I had this idea that kid in school = more time. Ha ha ha. I've been sucked into a vortex of I don't even know what, but time definitely feels faster.

Dailyness - I love routine and we've found some good ones. Ohhh, let me remember these are some good days . . .

Mondays = ketchup and play
We most of the time run a couple errands and try to connect with friends, Karis is home these days and it's alway a marvelous way to head into the week.

Tuesdays = fabulous and full
We drop K off and go spend time with these beautiful babies and their marvelous momma! Being an aunt is such a joy, these precious littles are special and growing so fast. I'm blessed to get to see them and their mom weekly.
We pick Karis up from school and head to hip hop. She loves it! Ask her to do the coffee grinder for you sometime.
While she's there, Judah and I walk next door to McDonalds for ice cream and decaf. Oh, I love this! 
We zoom home for a quick dinner and life group. Such a beautiful time, always. These people, so vulnerable and real and redeemed and growing. Thankful for these bonds. And the kids, they have their own little time . . . the most recent play is "hot lunch" while they have snacks. Love. Life stories are shared in a safe place, prayers are offered. Oh, and there's always a question of the night - most recent, "do you have/do you want a tattoo?" One among us has one, a latin phrase that means, "and then, Heaven". It's my new favorite thing to say in my head.

Wednesdays = church-y and pancake-y
We usually either host a play group or have a work meeting at the church these days. If we're gonna make pancakes this is the day (because, waffle Wednesday, but pancakes)

Thursdays = Arboretum
This has turned into Judah's preschool with mommy. We meet different friends there to meander and get fresh air and picnic. He owns that place now and can guide us around to the fountain, the fish, the rose garden, the scarecrows, the cafeteria. I've been loving my time with just Judah, his chats are so dear to me and his independent play is pretty great too. We've been keeping his nap time and that too has been wonderment - he eats lunch on my lap and I read books to him, that's probs my fave.

Fridays = crash
Chapel day at school, Judah and I love to go in to sing, hear the recitations, the readings, the message. We often connect with friends after for some play. We are tired on Fridays and a new fave is to come home, hunker down, eat dinner in front of the tube. Ahhhhh. I don't know who enjoys it more, parents or kids.

Saturdays = work hard play hard
We do what we think needs doing, sometimes connect with family for a fire in the back, and when it works we head out for a fam date - which lately means hitting a mall to do an errand (one time Karis and I both found new super on sale bags, her a backpack and me a purse. Loved that) and then do dinner with gift cards. Sooooo satisfying. Added bonus: mall play places = me and Trev can sit and talk, it's like a date.

Recognize: matchy matchy

Sunday = zoomday
I work in the nursery, and am so thankful for this provision. The joy and peace in that place blesses me - connecting with parents, welcoming them and their precious littles. Playing, singing, reading, snacking, bubble-ing. I'm wiped when we come home and the latest fave is laying a blanket in the front and "worshiping", watching the kids bike and soaking in sunshine and resting and not going in the house until I have to.

On about the very last day of summer, Judah decided to wear shorts. He went ALL summer in pants. Some battles are not worth fighting. He also puts on shorts when we have life group so he can match his little boy idol, Judah Moon (5yrs old)

Tree Climbing
Both kids. Love climbing.

Pillow Talk
Trying to savor these moments, there have been some tender talks  with both kids at bedtime (you know, the time of day when I'm thinking 'get me to the couch!'). Both Karis and Judah have sweet chats, I'm reminded of how we are all wired to reflect on the day - I always mean to employ the examen around here, an intentional way of naming regrets and joys, putting the day to rest and looking forward to the one ahead.

Trev went from a many days work travel trip to a fun weekend trip to LA. Translate, momma tried to make it fun, there was much grace, and then completely collapsed when he got back. There was a time when Trevor left that I ran around taking care of other people - childcare, bringing meals . . . basically, giving what I wanted/needed for us. It's crazy. A couple years ago my book club dived into the Enneagram and as I continue explore my 2ness it makes sense and has been so helpful to name. Here's a basic summary of the 9 types - I dare you to read all 9 types and try to figure out yours . . .it can be humbling and so amazing at the same time. One time we read them aloud with some fam around the fire, it can be a fun common language. For kicks, here's a (really long) podcast all about it: Enneagram, this is a good one.  All this to say, life is full of learning/growing and now when Trev leaves I know better to take care of myself and my family in ways that nourish us instead of overextend. Instead of bringing meals I invite ourselves over to other people's houses, ha.

I left for a day-retreat (Strengths Finder - take it so we can talk about it!) when I came home both kids could ride bikes without training wheels. Rock it, Trev. We celebrated by listening/dancing to Queen and, of course, Milton's.

The hunting trip. I love how every time in our home land has its own flavor. This one was tender, as a great man passed away suddenly and his funeral was on the Saturday of our visit. He touched so many lives, including both sides of our families - parents, siblings, cousins. As death does remind us of what a vapor life is, we savor the present and think of heaven and watch the sunrise and hug a little harder. Some special moments were a cousin gathering, so many babies! Apple cider pressing, pet duck for an hour, hiking, bungee jumping (kid style) at the mall, eating fresh game, traditional pancake flipping . . . grateful.

Cousin/sibling tradition in the making, all who are available are welcome to come eat and treat. Dads take kids, women stay in to taste their food and chat. Perfect. This year, Laura Ingalls and Cowboy Judah hee hawed their way around the cul de sac. The show stealers award went to Aunt Kate & Uncle Tay & Naomi: Daniel & The Lion's Den.
(pic not from Halloween but just seemed to fit here!)

Girls Away
Early this year, had a girls weekend in St. Paul. Relaxing, refreshing, only responsible for myself. Lovely.  I don't relax well, so this is especially needed/appreciated. Heartland, Penzeys, Cafe Latte, Mama's Happy, watching a great movie together in our jammies, lingering breakfasts at the hotel, all sorts of chats. And, getting back to my fam is always a confusing wonderment. I'm so thrilled to reconnect with them (part of the 2ness), and then connection rejection is a real thing here. So odd and both kids do it. Need me but try not to. Complex. A couple hours and we're back into the swing.

Digging deep, wondering, getting curious, self discovery, seeking to understand others. Thoughts are always swirling. I'm thinking about boundaries in general (even internal ones) as I am feeling . . .  like I'm not making time for some things that bring life (e.g. writing, pictures, creating). I was recently having this uncomfortable and general resentment,  it was itchy and vague and feel it towards myself at times. I feel so good at maintaining and love maintaining, but need space for creating too. The Brene Brown quote came to mind that "people with boundaries have more compassion". I have a hard time with this, I want to do it all for all people (Enneagram 2ness). Coupled with recent Strengths Finders retreat and ongoing Temperament Counseling . . . oh wow, grateful for these tools it can take forever to know ourselves and others. God has made me strongly feeling, sensitive, loving - He has made me to feel a deep need for affirmation and love - something Gerri has been gentle to remind me can only be the most deeply satisfied in God. Freedom. And growing pains too.There's something about parenting that brings so many everythings to the surface. My cousin-sister-soul-friend-counselor told me about the book The Conscious Parent, this quote makes me think of the journey we're on here: "our children facilitate our evolution. We find ourselves exposed to the truly transformative potential of the parenting journey . . . the road to wholeness sits in our children's lap . . . they become our great awakeners . . .". There is just so much to learn from these souls. And there is just so much grace for the taking, going in the right direction.

It's coming. This week. The big elk hunt (his mustache is in prime position!). The excitement is building. And with it, the familiar anxiety. I have a terrible habit of borrowing fatigue from the next thing, living in the future. And the reality is we have much to look forward to and there is always grace for the day. Once he's gone, things always unfold beautifully and the blessings are there waiting for us. I'm truly thankful Trev has this hobby and can experience a slice of life that brings him to a beautiful place, an adventure, bonding with fam. Grateful my mom will be coming to town and that we'll be heading to Bis to reunite for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, isn't it still September?! What the?

Book news:
Karis's books: B is for Betsy, Just so Stories, Little House in the Highlands, Penny & Peter, The Sarah Witcher Story
Andrea's books: Way of the Heart, The Invention of Wings, Little Men, The Brothers K, 7 Men, Jude the Obscure, Your Seven Year Old, First Wives, Flash, Conscious Parenting
Trevor's books: I honestly don't know, probably some philosopher for book club or something
Judah's books: Goldilocks, Pumpkin Runner, Ox Cart Man, Where's My Hug?, County Fair, Busy Town, Cat in the Hat, Corgiville Fair, Pumpkin Jack, Too Many Pumpkins, Earl the Squirrel

From The Prairie Thief:
". . . Be nice for your wife to have her company too, I bet. There's nothin' beats havin' a little girl around to talk your ear off and keep you lively."

From The Invention of Wings:
". . . we're all yearning for a wedge of sky, aren't we? I suspect God plants these yearnings in us so we'll at least try and change the course of things. We must try, that's all . . . "
"I was not sorry for loving Charleston or for leaving it. Geography had made me who I was . . . "

From Little Men:
"It takes so little to make a child happy, that it is a pity in a world full of sunshine and pleasant things, that there should be any wistful face, empty hands, or lonely little hearts"

"Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchanged, and who, through all his wanderings, has kept some filial token to repay her brave and tender love"

Crazy reading coincidences:
in 3 books one week (7 Men, Little House in the Highlands, An American Childhood) I read about the Revolutionary War and French and Indian War. It's always a gift to me when this happens, words are so powerful.

From Your Seven Year Old : Life in a Minor Key
"Sevens become aware of comic books" (hello, Calvin and Hobbes!)
"Sevens are aware of the passage of time as one event follows another . . . may like to plan their own days" (Karis loves time)
"May withdraw and say 'no fair'" (um, yes)
"May talk to themselves in front of the mirror"
"easily disappointed"
"in general an age of withdrawal, pulling in, calming down"
"mother is beginning to release her child, just as she is beginning to release her"
". . . also needs her mother to argue with: 'But mom, why do I have to?'"
". . . at heart their relationship is comfortable and sympathetic - enjoy doing things together, write their mothers friendly notes"
"like to help, take on routine chores"
"still quite aware they can get away with more with their grandparents than with their parents"
"less tensional outlets - with fatigue the child may pick his nose or bite his nails"
"children need limits . . . best way is to let your child know what you expect and then reinforce the appropriate behavior"
"flexibility - now and then giving in - on your part can work wonders"
- "Mom I can read!" (while picking up a Sofia book in the car and giving it a try - the light bulb went off, it was one of those moments you wait for)

- "I wish I coulda stayed longer!" (when we picked her up early on her first day of school - cautious about lingering tummy trouble)
- "I just LOVE history!"
- "Those kindergartners were just so adorable, walking in their little wobbly line!"
- "I just had the best dream! I was at the cabin with Izzy and we were flying!" (said at 4am in the bathroom, of course)
- "Oh, the Beatles are so wonderful! Certainly better than Slugs and Bugs"
- "Yeah mom, it's actually REAL. Joseph Haydn is a real composer!"
- "I'm the worm veterinarian! They have diarrhea!"
- "We're inspecting the butterfly. Its privates. Don't worry, they don't look like humans"
- "I don't understand how Jesus can be in ALL our hearts at the same time" (asked in the dark at bedtime, cuddling in her rocking chair)
- "I can't believe the Amazon is a real PLACE!" (after reading Just So Stories - before this she thought Amazon was just an online store)
- "But mommmmmmm!"
- "Can you put your glasses back on?"
- "I'm closing my store early because it's the sabbath"

- "Yeah mom, let's go on a worm walk and jump in puddles! Come come, Mommy!"
- "We can have ginger cookies when Karisee gets home from school?"
- "First I'll draw Samson . . . then Delilah . . . "
- "I'm so proud of Everett and his remote control car"
- "I'm gonna go play in Karisee's room!"
- "Oh, can I see the dingleberries?"
- "What's this one called?" (to every song we hear in the car)
- "Tractor, he's back!" (tree frog)
- "Can God go out of our hearts?" (WHOA. Asked at bedtime when we were talking about Jesus being in our hearts)
- "Look, there's frosting outside!"
- "I don't want to!"
- "Mommy take off your glasses!"
- "Are you just joking? Do you like joking?"
- "I'm just joking!"
- "Is it squishy?" (touching my stomach)
- "Whoa Grandma Carole, you have cool legs!"
- "Please don't scare me" (anytime we very nicely say no to anything)
- "It's life group day, Karisee!"
- "Karisee I'm talking to you! Talk to me!"
- "Thanks mom. Sorry mom. You're welcome mom"
- "And dear Lord, I pray daddy get an elk . . ."
- "Mommy what does this spell?"
- "Interesting, mom!"