Thursday, April 27, 2017

March Madness

The Happenings . . . 

Happenstance House Party/Ash Wednesday
The 4 year anniversary of being in our home was March 1st. We were supposed to have a family over for dinner, and we set the table in a way we rarely do. And then . . . they had to cancel last minute, as the meat was on the grill. So, we turned it into a house party! We enjoyed the carefully set table (why not do that more? It feels so good), and finishing the movie UP, which has to be a new tradition, so perfect. We're ever grateful for this home.

Another Tooth Loss
Every loss is just too adorable! This was another after-bed one and her giggles and gap mouth and sweet speaking are just too much.

Lent, in a few phrases:

Making Room - that tends to be our theme, and this year we did that by:

Fasting from health and friends
Canceling plans
Learning to not idolize plans

First the miracles that unfolded. Ash Wednesday found us at the service, thinking about two dear family members were facing some serious health concerns. The ashes and words were so very real that day (always are, but the feeling was tangible). And then - over the course of Lent both these concerns were lifted in truly miraculous ways. Those things marked this Lent more than anything else.

The other markers . . .from Ash Wednesday to Holy Week, one of us was ill . . . what I think was Influenza (Judah and then me), ear infection (Judah), Bronchitis (Karis and me), Strep (Trevor), sinus infection (Judah). Lent went fast! And the list of mercies was huge. Like, medical care. No hospitalizations. Pockets of health to be able to have family visit, for Karis to fully participate in Pinocchio Puppet Show preparation and performance, for lots of togetherness (I mean, spring break was sprinkled in there too and we were quite quarantined for much of it) and I think we got along pretty well.

And then the bigger things, like - not getting so attached to my plans (oh how I idolize plans). We had a date before Lent to "plan" Lent. You know, host neighbors and things like that. So, we learned some plan-letting-go (because hello, no choice. Nothing like feeling gross to take the edge off needless anxiety). I learned to deeply appreciate the connections we have, we missed being with people because it's what we do. We made room for lots of togetherness and settling into quiet rhythms here at home. And some ice cream outings too. I think the kids maybe loved when I was sick: TV, snacks, cuddles, markers to faces.

What hard work Karis's dear class put in to create their puppets, learn their lines, and perform this puppet show. Remarkable, memorable, joyful. Many grandparents were here to see her, so grateful. Trev was the puppet man and helped Karis create her Pinocchio and practice her lines.

Sweet weekend, donuts with my brother's family, ice cream with a cousin's family, family movie time on the couch (Moana, Sing), MIA and Red Cow with Trev's fam, so fun. Aster cafe with my mom and gma. My fave for sure was Karis's party for me - 8:20am, balloon volleyball and gifts. She gave me a box she decorated, inside was a sweet card and several books full of pictures of what we do together: reading in our reading chair, cuddling in her rocker, tucking her into bed, sitting around the table . . . we played the song You Make Beautiful Things and I felt in that moment the day could be complete.

Some bonuses to the day included coffee, leftover donuts, and finishing two amazing books (The Great Good Thing and The Road Back to You) in a quiet house in my favorite book chair, sunshine streaming in.

Baptism Birthday Burgers: 

Because it's what we do. Oh sweet child of God.


Strep kept us from the overnight away we planned, We DID get to go enjoy the co-worker's wedding at Radisson Blu.

Sorta Awesomes:
Breathe easy oil diffusing

"Pride and Prejudice" Pandora station

Trying new things in the kitchen, like roasted fennel. Well, that might have been the only new thing.

Gilmore Girls. You know, the new Grey's (which I conveniently finished the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, so I didn't "have" to give it up for Lent as planned. Hmmm.)

Bangs (thanks to M!)

Swimming lessons to prepare for summer. As expected, Karis can now swim better than me ("Mommy, that was AWESOME!"), and Judah started of very timid ("Mommy that was scary for me") and is quickly getting more comfy.

Random Reading - some quotables from Your Four Year Old, Wild and Wonderful
"The four year old is a funny little fellow, and if you can accept him as such, you will appreciate and enjoy him for what he is . . . for the most part we have found the boy or girl of this age to be joyous, exuberant, energetic, ridiculous, un-trammeled - ready for anything"

"there may be a strong distaste for anything that changes the mother in his eyes" (yes, like wearing my glasses, or shorts, or  . . . )

"their own buttocks are especially important to them" (he likes to stick his out and spell it: "b-u-t-t")

"if you want to know what's on your child's mind, you don't need to ask directly - just talk to him"

"our own feeling is that if the child needs the comfort of his thumb, perhaps he's lucky that nature provided this handy device for consoling oneself" (yes! I'm often saying 'it's a big scary world out there, I'm so glad you have your thumb')

"nobody will ever appreciate your humor more - so enjoy yourself while this full appreciation lasts . . . he especially appreciates it when you appreciate him"

"this is a top age for questions. Endless "whys" and "hows" are uttered partly just for the fun of keeping a conversation going . . . he also often makes extremely touching personal remarks" (yes yes yes)

- "Mom, you can stop asking if I'm okay. I know when I'm sick, I'll tell you"
- "I think the music will do the trick" (during an insomnia morning when I offered to lay on her floor)
- "What are twinkies?" (during Calvin and Hobbes reading)
- "Mom, wanna see all the hair I've collected for my wig?"
- "Mom, did you just change subjects with Judah?" (as I tried to distract him from a very negative spin of thinking/acting. Smarty pants observant girl)
- "Oh, I hope my brain doesn't turn to mush" (a day when we watched lots of movies)
- "It's so nice I know all the rules at my age"
- "this is a movie where they believe in false gods" (watching Muana)
- "I find it kinda hard to receive compliments"
- "Come quick! You need to look at your son!" (her helping him do headstands)

Judah Jabbers: 
- "Is my machine the right noise?" (in the middle of the night)
- "You forgot to put me in my bed" (oh sensitive baby of mine, when I didn't literally plop him in his bed one night)
- "I'm making communion bread" (with kinetic sand)
- "What's silly?" (whenever we're laughing and he doesn't know what at)
- "Can you get that box eater bug?!"
- "Can I just have a teeny tiny bit?" (in the cutest voice)
- "Hey Karis, I'm spitting on your floor with milk"
- "I'm sorry for spilling water all over"
- "Oh you're a big squishy mommy"
- "Is Lukas's mommy bigger than Lukas's daddy?" (looking at a pic on the fridge where the wife was standing in the pic, dad sitting)
- "Oh, isn't he so generous?"
- "Jane Eyre is kinda serious" (we have a counting primer, so fun)
- "How did hot lunch go, Karisee?" (when she got in the car one day after school)
- "Is that a movie for older kids?"
- "When the airplane's in the sky it's small, but when it lands it's big"
- "Me and Karis are best friends"
- "Mom the house can't go to sleep, it doesn't have eyes!"
- "the black ones are rotten" (jelly beans)
- "see Momma, daddy taught me how" (to put on pajamas)