Thursday, November 1, 2012

The best for first, recent Karisms:

- "Are you guys still talking about God?" (said during our recent small group meeting)
- "Is this for my baby brother? Can I have it?" (pulling out bib from a bag, proceeded to wear it and wanted to dine in the high chair)
- "I'm so glad of you"
- "Can I go wake up daddy?" (usually Saturday mornings, then she brings him books - and I  bring him coffee)
- "The little boy won't be there, mommy chased him away" (we think there are some dreams based on the pictures of bonneted girls on her quilt)
- "Lucky!" (said in a hilariously gruff voice, taught to her by uncles as a mimic of a local sports-radio personality)
- "I ate a cheeseburger at Cracker Barrel. They don't have crackers or barrels there" (ha!)
- "Mommy, you can have the sucker after you finish all your lunch"
- "I don't want Madeline to say 'pooh-pooh'. That's privacy. We'll save that for later " (as in, Madeline in a book says "pooh-pooh")
- "Mommy! Remember, you have stay right by me!"
- "Am I as big as you yet?" (she will also often stand in front of a mirror and exclaim, "I'm bigger!")
- "Want to come look at pictures with me?" (a favorite activity, looking at herself in photo albums while talking about herself in the third person)
- "Daddy, did you went to see a Hobbit? Was the Hobbit friendly?" (can you tell someone in the house is excited for an upcoming movie release?)
- "Baby Eliza is getting baptized! Pastor Christian is going to put water on her head!"
- "That was a little tough for you, wasn't it?" (said to Uncle T while he put her on her diaper before bedtime)

A few happenings (and maybe hormones?) recently have prompted many emotions, some of which have caused some smeared mascara and confused looks from Trevor. There was a recent tragedy on a college campus here, the loss of a beautiful woman's life (whose family happen to be dear friends of Trev's aunt and uncle). The whole story sent my heart and mind spinning with thoughts about all the uncertainties of life - I had feelings of fear for the future, for Karis's future. Wanting to hold her so close, to protect her, to make sure she always knows love and safety and security and health. I came to remember (with the help of some perceptive people who pointed out the fear in the first place) that there really is no reason to fear. So much more I could say on this, but I'm at a loss to articulate at the moment, or maybe it's too close and deep to express. All this to say, I am thankful. Life is not perfect. God is. How will we react to the bumps in the road? Where will we seek comfort? How will we let experiences shape us, change us, grow us?

We've had the great gift of having Trev's brother live with us the past couple months, and it's been illuminating to watch him navigate a new stage of life as he settles into life here after a year spent in China. His trust for the future and deep questions about life have offered a new filter to process events/thoughts/fears/hopes. We're grateful for this season.

Today we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Karis's baptism, a beautiful reminder to Whom she belongs and from Whom we have received the miraculous gift of her life and precious spirit. We light a candle, we show her pictures, we pray. It is beyond humbling to love and care for and shepherd this little heart. She often shows us glimpses of how much God loves us. She teaches us how to love others with innocence and pure joy.

Psalm 139

Yesterday we partook in our now-annual Halloween tradition: face the crazy-ness at Chipotle, donning lame costumes, consuming our reduced-rate food (that this year ended up benefitting the Chipotle charity fund). This year we welcomed a dear friend who was in town, B, as well as uncle T. Karis loved pointing out the costumes: "Mommy, she has braids! Mommy, her coat matches your's! Mommy, she has pink hair!". Then we went to our church's bonfire, Karis ran around with her friends, drank cider, ate candy, downed a hot dog. A gorgeous evening and a refreshing way to pass the evening.

Some baby boy updates: 30 weeks and counting! Hard to believe, we can't wait to meet this little guy. I'm already picturing a mini Trevor. This little guy is doing lots of dance moves, I treasure this stage of getting to know him through movements and rhythms and hiccups. I'm really eager to welcome him into the world and into our family. I'm starting to have dreams about labor, must be on my mind?!

I think one of his favorite times of day (which happens to also be one of my favorite times of day) is right after Karis's nap - all three of us very cozily (read: barely) fit into the rocker and read stories. Little boy moves, Karis rubs my stomach, and we all savor some quiet before heading into the evening hours.

Karis reading a card that came for her in the mail . . . chomping an apple