Friday, August 11, 2017

The Summer Word

The phrase that keeps going through my head this summer (started during KidsCAN, which felt both beautiful and busy) - "This is a privilege". The phrase keeps swirling, sometimes I can't believe this is my life . . . spending my days with two delightful people, getting to know them, being responsible, creating, exploring, problem solving. The phrase is born from also feeling the flip side: "I need space, I want to write, Can I not be needed for a minute?" - the usual ups and downs of this season can feel so polarized, the word "privilege" brings me back to gratitude and perspective. I'm privileged to serve, to be able to say "be right there", to dwell with these miracles.

Summer simmering thoughts:

  • We're either busy and tired, or Home too much demolishing the house and getting on nerves
  • Summer is an island (i.e. everyone else is busy or tired or demolishing their houses, but in different places and on different time tables than you are, therefore you are not seeing the people you usually see . . .)

I love the power in naming, once I could just say it then I settled into having way more fun, letting the house go, embracing the busy when it's happening, soaking in slowness when it sneaks up on us.

Also, this quote has been shaping the days (from Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer)
"Leisure is the virtue of those who take their time in order to give each task as much time as it deserves to take. Giving and taking, play and work, meaning and purpose are perfectly balanced in leisure."

Also, Sandra McCracken has been serenading our summer island lately.


And now, July in chronicle form: 

Paint in our bedroom and bathroom (thanks to Uncle Steve!), salt and pepper shakers, brooms, combs, drainboard, towels. It's just feeling cathartic and maybe metaphorical.

Random weekday Adventures
Gold Medal Park picnic, Yo Yo Donuts with fam and friends, bringing bikes to a park, Arboretum, kids "Teddy Bear Band" concert, ice cream with cousins, lots of little and big play dates at parks and in homes.

The 4th
Play play play. We surely celebrated our freedom, and aren't we free indeed? We savored the sun while it was out, soaked up togetherness in the boat, tried all the toys and found out that Karis loves the canoe (and Judah wants to love it but doesn't quite yet - still trying to convince himself, which is both remarkable and adorable: "Mommy, I DO like the canoe" he'd tell me after we were inside and after he begged to get off the canoe and into the paddleboat). Paddleboard, paddleboat, park play, firecrackers, grandma and K watched fireworks from the dock and we listened to Karis yell at the mosquitos. Memories.

Grandma Camp
This year, my mom and grandma were joined by cousin Hope and her dear daughter Lila. Oh the fun! Oh the refreshment (for me and Hope, that is - thanks to the grandmas!). Snap chatting, lazy kayak floating, lazy winery sipping, yummy cooking both in and out, spoilings. So many laughs. And . . . so many itches - Karis got swimmers itch, she was such a trooper putting cream on the big scratchy bites. Hope and Karis connected deeply, so beautiful to watch, Judah took a shine to Lila.

Teacher Tea (and pushing limits)
Some moms of K's classmates got together to do a tea time for their adored 1st grade teacher. We got to hear her life story, she is a brave and faithful woman and offered so much joy and perspective to us all as we sat at her feet. While thus sitting, our kids were running amok and every time I checked on Judah and his little 4yo bud something new was shaking: both naked in the kiddie pool. clothed but drinking the water (they had peed into it). naked again and playing with sand table. clothed and eating said sand. Obviously more supervision needed, next time we'll do evening drinks together of a different variety.

Treasure Trev's Birthday
Oh we do celebrate this guy!  Full of joy, wisdom, ideas, love, patience, gentleness. Bike rider, Cavlin and Hobbes and Hobit reader, hard worker. We ate outside that night and I attempted to make fancy tacos (read: cilantro, radishes, lime - HA) and the traditional adult root beer floats. Karis was elated to give him the Van Gogh Star Wars t-shirt. We continued celebrating by having some double date nights out with fun friends (an attempt for Pig Ate My Pizza - forgetting they always take their summer break that week . . .so, Milton's . . . and the following week Hola Arepa - delish and delight and felt like we were in a faraway place).

There was at least one week this month where I felt stuck. This island stifled the urge to create, do, write, the things that feed my soul and help bring significance to the day. We left on our trip to IA and it was the best re-set, determined to clear the cobwebs and find peace on the island. One action item was to completely disengage from facebook, helpful. And to make myself write at least a sentence here every morning.

Iowa Getaway
We've been trying to make this happen for a long time, a visit to my college bestie and her fam. It was so good to get outta town, the car time was restful (for me, ha), and the weekend breezed by with: welcomed by weather sirens (tornadoes happen there!), fajitas and fun connecting. Saturday was packed with 3 parks, library, farmer's market, rest, splash pad, cooking. So good to do life with these dear ones, and to get to know her boys better (3 1/2 & 1). Watching my kids experience a new place and for us all to be guests was a new experience, there were some bumps (Judah needing space, things not always meeting Karis's expectations). So much value in vacationing. The trip home was random, a wrong turn in Cedar Falls led to the best coffee shop, a potty need happened just in time to introduce the kids to Cabella's.

Fargo Escape
We met the Pope grandparents in Fargo just for fun (loved Karis getting ready: "I've never really been to Fargo to just spend time there!"). We packed in fun with birthday cake, super hotel, pool time, Bonanzaville (highly recommend), talking about DISC (and how Trev and I work together), a meal and time at Trev's aunt/uncle's home. All recharging.

Big Fat Books
This was a day long self-prompted-activity after a wild weekend - oh my dears.

Savoring the summer reading here, including Being Mortal, The Sound of Gravel, Growing Grateful Kids, Lab Girl, Talking as Fast as I Can, Books that Build Character.

Karis is into Boxcar Children (oh the memories), and she and I have read together 21 Balloons, Ginger Pye, The Borrowers, The Railway Children. Trev reads The Hobbit to her at night. Sigh.

Trevor as usual is reading things no one else does. Oh wait, I think he started Moby Dick, which is somewhat approachable (ha).

Recent input:
Durrels in Corfu
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (I watch Trevor laugh)
This listen

Recent reading quotables - you can tell I loved this book:

From A Woman of Independent Means
"What a waste to let a summer go by without a new experience to show for it"

"I no longer believe an individual can change the fate of other people . . .  but I will not relinquish the responsibility for my own life until the day I die"

"sometimes being a good mother gets in the way of being a good person"

(writing about writing) "Why is it never enough for me just to live my life? From the time I was a child and started my first scrapbook, I've always looked upon my own experience with the eye of an artist trying to shape it into something more interesting than it was"

"Our parents provide a barrier against death . . . when gone, there is nothing between us and our own mortality"

"I realize more and more we have to that we have to work at making friends with members of our family the same way we do with strangers, by asking them questions and relishing their answers"

". . . do not allow your baby to become your whole life . . . they are quick to take advantage of any moment when you are not otherwise occupied and unless you firmly assert your right to time of your own, they can become your total occupation"

"it is amazing how much children are able to do for themselves as long as we ignore those twin tyrants, propriety and punctuality"

"nothing is given to us to keep. Our lives are all on loan and none of us knows when the mortgage will fall due  . . . I shudder to imagine what toll will be exacted next . . . "

"it is ironic that the very ties that bind a husband and wife in theory - home and family - often serve to separate them in fact"

A Sib Convo:
Judah - "Karisee! The bunny got out!" (of the egress window, where he was trapped for a day)
Karis - "Oh no, Judah. Daddy had to smoosh the bunny."

- "Mommy, that's not exciting, it's tragic!" (when I said exciting I meant dramatic . . . double meanings of words takes long to learn)
- "I wonder who invented hugs"
- "Well, family comes first I guess"
- "Momma, why does it say his right hand? Why isn't his left OR his right?" (talking about God's mighty right hand)

Judah Jabbers:
- "Daddy can you open my licorice, I'm not tall enough"
- "Daddy has big burps, right?"
- "I want to take out the scary books" (after bedtime, wants certain books out of his room)
- "Mommy, are you reading in your head?"
- "Here I am!" (out of the blue, all the time, adorable)
- "KARISEE KARISEE KARISEE KARISEE" (until she acknowledges)

Friday, July 28, 2017

June Bugs

This is me determined to fill in the blanks of our June days - as fast as I can before August 1.

My June Bugs are keeping me busy - or I suppose since I somewhat sort the days, I'm keeping them busy? Or just life is? Existential mothering questions . . . more thoughts on summer in the July post already bubbling.

Shakespeare Festival/Last Day of School
Always amazing to me, the games and food and maypole dance (quite complicated!)
The last day has a late start and we enjoyed some treats and also giving Karis a book that recently captivated her (also an expression of my indulging with delight when anything "young" still captivates her heart), a gift of Mother Goose's Pajama Party. Watched her class recite a sonnet at noon, joined the meadow for games and treats, I think Judah had as much fun as his sis (pillow fighting). Thankful for the year, Karis's teacher is a great gift and her friendships dear. Oh and she learned a lot, too.

traditional by the flowers pic


We hit the road early the next day for a reunion in Bismarck, it was a precious day with close and extended family and a whole bonus day with cousin/niece Elodie. The following days held a trip to Washburn to hang with cousins and their children (and ride a huge tractor!), meet ups with old friends (sans my kids), zoo, amusement park, lots of yummy meals (that I didn't make). Refreshing.

Home to house-work (literally) and recital
We had a night at the lake with my parents, and they joined us here to settle in and then go to Karis's first dance recital - beautiful music, creative dances, fun to have some fam join. Such joy to watch exuberant Karis experience life with confidence and grace. Oh and house work. It miraculously mostly happened while we were away, a big attic project that just had to be done. Thankful it's done, thankful we missed the mess.

Thank You Lunch
For volunteers at the church, I had the joy of organizing this year and had great fun putting the pieces together - amazed by all the helpful hands and hearts for the children.

13! There are always little gifts that unfold on days like this . . . we had a sub-satisfactory dinner date at Victory 44 (where we decided we could have a do-over at our traditional Pig Ate My Pizza), picked up some sherry (both had wanted to try it after seeing it sipped on Gilmore Girls), listened to an Andrew Peterson song about being each other's safe place, and watched the Jim/Pam wedding episode of The Office (the laughter! the tears!). Sigh, grateful for this journey together.

That week found me in the middle of a great read: from A Woman of Independent Means
"Remember, marriage is a privilege both husband and wife must earn - not a convenience to be enjoyed by one member at the expense of the other"
"For a marriage to succeed , each partner should be excited by the abilities of the other and not feel threatened by an interest that is not shared. You must not deny all that you are or you will never develop into all you can be"
"One life is simply not enough for all the lessons there are to learn . . . "

Treasure Trevor Tales
Rad Dad (Father's Day): A visit to Grandpa Jim and his dad, he was his dad's date to a wedding at a fancy mansion, a couple sleep in days (oh wait, that's every weekend - it works), Qdoba with cousins, kayak with Karis, samosa & sides dinner on the deck, mad-libs superhero dad, memory lane with pics, baseball with the kids. Rad dad indeed, thankful for this guy. He's our enthusiast, he grounds us, he loves purely, he's quite adored around here.

The Hoops
A couple in our life group spent one of our evenings together to illustrate "hoops" in marriage - complete with 3 hula hoops. Lots to ponder, and a powerfully common language about living together in the most full way that offers ultimate connection while still giving space. This group continues to dig in and wonder together.

KidsCAN (followed by limits-reached-banana-brain)
Well first, KidsCAN - snack lady duties resumed, kids put their hearts full into the week and we managed to squeeze in extra summer fun in the afternoons (to our slight demise). The New Creation theme brought depth, the creative endeavors bloomed every day (drama, dance, gardening, music, poetry, art). By Friday I had a vision migraine and I knew we'd reached our max . . . and still decided to stay for the volunteer-pizza-party . . . to our demise when Judah yelled across a crowded loud room: "MOMMY! I WANT TO EAT ALONE!". On Saturday I realized my max when baking with bananas: it took 3 of them to notice I putting the peel on the plate and the banana in the garbage.

Pootsie Problem/First Party
One night we lost the pootsie in a way we'd never lost it before. I was in a tizzy. Judah was fine. When I found it the next morning, I took a moment to ponder: I need him to need his pootsie more than he needs his pootsie. I might have to put that feeling in its place, i.e. face the fact that my baby is not a baby. As evidenced by going to his first drop-off birthday party. Where he was greeted with a pool noodle horse and lance and commenced hours of slightly rough play and cupcakes for dinner. He said he had fun, our chat on the way home was hilarious ("I said no thank you a lot . . . no, I don't need a snack, my belly's full of cake!")

Hosting Week
Flavoring a June week here was practicing "NBD hosting" - which means, the same meal with different people here 3 times in a week. NBD, it works and brings our fam together too.

More Frog & Toad . . . plus fish
Catching creatures, that is. And this year, keeping them alive (on topic it's worth mentioning that Judah now yells at bugs instead of crying about them). We are also keeping alive two beta fish, Squishy and Squishy. A known fact about me, I have a fear/dislike of any fish (but yes, I eat fish), so this is love, and came about after a lake trip. Karis caught a sunny off the dock and begged to bring it home, my heart went out to her as the words spilled out: "Oh honey, we can get a pet fish!". No going back after such a statement, it was wild fun to go to petsmart and figure it all out together, with help from a dear gal, Tatiana. Trev suggested we put them in the kitchen (!!!!!). They live in the basement.

The songs around here that are stirring my soul:
Come Ye Souls by Sin Afflicted
There is a Land of Pure Delight

Reading Quotables: 
From Lab Girl (such a good read, it moved me)
"I've learned that raising a child is essentially one slow long agony of letting go"
"It takes a long time to turn into what you're supposed to be"

Karis-isms (or: mental exercises for her mother):
- our recent read together is 21 Balloons, some good laughs
- "Hey momma?" (said 1,000 times a day, followed by a question)
- "Hey mom, where did the word 'mom' come from?" (see above)
- "I wonder what part of our ear hears, is it the inside part or the outside part?"
- "Mom, I think you'd make a good podcast someday - I mean, you do like to talk a lot"
- "Mom, those guessing games were really fun"
- "Why were swings invented?"
- "Why were bikes invented?"
- "Was Caesar married? How long was he king?"
- "Well, thanks for the empathy, mom!"
- "Sorry it's not wool, dad" (when giving him a t-shirt for his birthday)

Judah Jabbers:
- "Hey momma, insulating is very bad for us"
- "Look, Willie's on the diving board. He's terrified!" (playing in kiddie pool with Duck Dynasty figurines)
- recent hilarious game: using an ice pack as a cell phone to call his friend Ted
- "It tastes like pine trees!"
- "But momma, I'm full of toys. You will have to carry my pootsie"
- "I said 'no thank you no thank you no thank you' a lot when they asked me if I wanted food"
- "Oh I don't need a snack my belly is full of cake and ice cream!"

Friday, June 23, 2017

May Day(s)

The usual catch all/catch up journal-ish way . . .

May Day
Raining, pouring, donut eating play date here, paper bags full of treats, knocking on doors, giggling, memory making.

The splurge for the school worked. Even missing several lessons, these kids rocked it and made wild progress. Judah went from being scared to dip his head in the water, to being able to swim with his head in the water (supported by a floatie). He still doesn't like to be wet/sprinkled. Karis maybe swims better than me now and her joy in this sport is through the roof.

Frog & Toad, Best Day Ever (caution)
"SEEDS, START GROWING!". That's my favorite quote from Frog and Toad, we say it all the time around here. We got to visit the Children's Theater to see this production (after listening to and reading the books over and over). SO FUN. Just a sweet memory with my kids, laughing and seeing art unfold. Oh we laughed.

And here's what happened that day. We were driving to the show and it was just one of those mountaintop days. Do you know the kind? Sun shining, everyone feeling happy (at the same time). A "house doctor" dude had been to our home that morning, and told us that what we thought might be a lot of work needing to be done was actually just fine (except, "I have to come back tomorrow and look around the attic"). We were flying high on this particular Wednesday. And I remember thinking prayerfully, "Wow, this is a special day - not every day is going to be like this, days like this are rare. Help me now to just savor and enjoy it, and help me to be grateful no matter what, even when the days are dark."

Well, the next day, sure enough . . . the attic diagnosis ended up being bleak, and the news felt crushing at the moment. Karis cried because she couldn't find something before school. Judah spilled water on himself (which is tragic to this sweet sensitive boy) on the way to work and I didn't have extra clothes (he walked around with a towel between his legs all morning and didn't want to see anyone). And in the midst while driving I thought, "Well, here it is. Time to call on that gratefulness." And that might sound cheesy, and it's just so real and powerful. We got to church and got to process out loud the happenings in real time, which was meaningful. And to be honest, for the next week, things like that just happened. Nothing tragic and awful, just things. Times like this I think we're practicing our thought choices and attitudes and reactions . . . name the pain, say the ick, get it out, call on gratitude. At the time it was all visceral, the lesson unfolding.

NBD Gardening, Update
Seeds, they started growing! So fun to scatter seeds, even if just to see the green sprouts. Love my little helpers, Judah had fun with a visiting turtle one afternoon. Also, something is chomping our pretty flowers in the front yard.

Friend Friday
With my college bestie and her two little boys. Oh the hilarity. To get to chat and watch our kids and do all the routines together, how could we have envisioned all this 15 years ago. 15 years!

Mother's Day
I finally had appropriate expectations, it's taken this long. Delightful day of being with my family, pre-church-family-nap (ha), planting, Trevor did landscaping (thank you!), free free free winner dinner at Damico, sat in the yard and looked at photo albums of baby Karis, ahhhh, it was just sweet and fun and I sure soaked in time with my littles. There was a time when all I wanted for Mother's Day was a nap and a quiet house - and while those things are crave-able still, on this day the gift was in togetherness.

We took a quick trip to Bis for my cousin's bridal shower, so fun to connect with family and explore and drive (yes, drive - pictured below, so wonderful to see dreams come true for my kids! I always wanted one of these, wouldn't it feel so free to drive one of these?). A day on the prairie including exploring the new barn, and then a day at the shower with fabulous fam, and my mom's help driving us to and from Bis (so appreciated), sweet memories.

Meadow Man and Field trip Fairy
School has become a safe and sacred place for both kids, Karis loved a recent field trip and Judah continues to frolic in the nearby meadow.

Pretend Last Day of School
Because we're into early celebrations here. On a Wednesday, just because. Classmate play date for Karis, McD's for dinner (my mom always took us there on the last day of school, sweet memories). The last week of school was a blur of classmate playdates, picking up donations for the Shakespeare Festival, getting ready to head outta town.

A Little Life (epic, beautiful, hard to read. And oh my word, some of the quotes - too many to write here. And Frog and Toad was referenced, which was wild)
Out of the Dust, a young adult novel about a girl in the dustbowl in the 30s

Finishing Things
Mostly, Gilmore Girls. Oh, why can't good things just go on and on and on and on? What I loved about this show (well, just one of the things), Trev could pop in and enjoy it at any point. And he did enjoy it. And I could analyze their Enneagram numbers and relationships. I recently saw a poster that said, "I'd rather be in Stars Hollow". Sigh. I finished A Little Life in the same week as this, so there's room for some more epic and long media/reading input here - any suggestions?

Trev Tales: 
Work hard, play hard. Race hard. He ran a ten mile trail run in a speedy way, good job Trev. He started reading The Hobbit to Karis at bedtime, reading time all of a sudden got longer. We enjoyed a date to his bro's 30th "Nascar" birthday party, we do love dating.

- Oh this girl is growing up. Some sweet times lately are laying in her bed reading Boxcar Children and watching the Great British Baking show
- "I finished the book! I just wanted to come down and tell you" (after bedtime. So dear).
- "I had fun looking at pictures with you" (on Mother's Day, looking at pics when she was a baby)
- "Can we just go to bed please?"

Judah Jabbers:
- "These pants smell stinky, I need new pants"
- "Can you please wrap me up like a burrito?"
- "Mom, your talking is hurting my ears" (he in a grumpy way, I was simply chatting!)
- "Momma, does the turtle need alone time? He can be my pet"
- "Can you please come help me play?" (at a grad party where he didn't know anyone)
- "Are you going to come give me a good night kiss when you get home?" (if I leave before bedtime)
- "Let's go investigate!"
- "Karisee, bake! We only have 2 more minutes!" (while playing with play-do, imagining the Great British Baking Show)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Easter Rememberings

I am a forgetful person. Which is ironic, because (well, Trev would tell you) I have a great memory. It's easy to forget the seemingly basic things . . .

Every single year, I forget - Good Friday is about Grace. Every year I walk in to the dark, candlelit, rose-petal-strewn church feeling pensive - wondering, stubborn, ashamed that I put Jesus on the cross. Ashamed of how I just can't seem to get it right, just can't seem to love as well as I think I should, ashamed that I keep forgetting the fundamentals of love and love in action. And then - the readings, the songs, the Cross, the words spoken over me . . . are Grace. I need to go to remember. Lost Sheep that I am, I'm so grateful. The cross is not about what I did to put Jesus there, it's about what He did to redeem humanity and bridge the gap and welcome us into His fold. Forgiven, restored, sent forth. No matter how many times I forget, the Grace is there. Will I receive the gift and move forward?

This ballad: Sing to Jesus . . . "Lord of our Shame, He is our Great Redeemer". Oh Amen. Oh thank you for the chance to remember.

Every year, the Vigil - powerful. The story of creation, the lightness, the hope, that every story points to: ALLELUIA. This year the song Behold our God hit deep. Karis was part of a dance to the Ezekiel "dry bones" reading. A week later, it was one of the daily readings, and recalling the children's movements with the music (The Creed), soul stirring. We are brought to new life through powerful breath.

Every year, I forget - Easter is a season - 50 days! April Showers and Easter Joy have so far held . . .

Easter - my parents and Grandma Paula were with us, so special.

Easter Monday
I forget, every year there's a small group of friends who celebrate together - play date and cheers style, so sweet.

Hydrangeas - instead of lilies, in memory of (Becky & our Grandparents in-Glory)

Beach Day. Including Judah's bed being the airplane that took them to Florida (on a towel in Karis's room). In the pic, notice the noise machine/i-pad beach scene/sounds.

Great British Baking Show. A new thing here for us, very bonding for me and Karis, the cuddles and wonderings - "Who do you think is going to win?"

Tea Tuesday revisited (it's gone by the wayside because of hip hop dance class . . . we skipped picture day and cozied up instead)

Fresca Fridays
It's our thing, books and bikes and popcorn are the side dishes.

Spring Concert
Just so sweet, Karis was on an end of a riser and totally rocked out, love that girl.

Baptism Class
Trev and I were invited to talk about our parenting journey . . . putting together thoughts brought me back to Grace again. Receiving, giving. Growing together, learning alongside our kids, needing others to join us on the journey. Grateful.

"NBD (no big deal) Hosting"
 Some of our hopes for opening our home during Lent are coming true in the Easter season, starting with Easter Sunday. Continental-come-as-you-are-whenever-you-want spread after church (thanks for baking, momma). Maybe our new thing, it was relaxed and refreshing. Grateful, joy. I love watching the kids find their hosting rhythms, Karis reading to littles and Judah mostly sharing his toys and welcoming his buds to play. We've enjoyed neighbor friends here for grilling, classmate play date lunch, my bestie from college and her boys, Monday donuts with friends who needed to get out of their under-construction house . . . and now the deck is open for glorious spring and I'm pondering NBD gardening. Hmmm, stay tuned.

Some good reads: Divine Dance, Falling Free, Hillbilly Elegy, Underground Railroad, A Little Life, The Memory of Old Jack

He really amazes me and I continue to be dazzled by this journey together. Not perfect, growing, changing. Laughing, learning, loving. Together. He is diligent, gentle, hard working, fun loving. His new thing is Trivia night at Pizza Luce, I love that he has this way to meet friends and take a break. Training for a 10 miler (ask me later what I think about that - glad he's healthy and has goals . . . there's an "and"). Working hard, reading Calvin and Hobbes to the kids, teaching Judah to 2 wheel (and then taking him on risky rides) . . .

Karis-isms (the flavor of the quotables is changing - she's growing up and the reality is that I'm with her less now (sad!). Her questions and ponderings are often articulate and deep . . .)
- "I just love that moms are there to comfort you when things seem hopeless" (after she kind of broke her slinky)
- "Mom, could you not be on the phone as much tomorrow"
- "Can we talk about fun, not-work things at dinner tomorrow?"
- "Come on Judah, let's go play with our hudge pudge soup!" (the games they play in the back yard)
- She continues to be full of joy and zest and positivity, we are so blessed by her
- She asks questions that have me studying at night for answers
- She does this sweet thing when we're reading, nuzzles her face into my arm and sniffs me and tells me I smell good (sounds funny, right? She's always had an acute sense of smell)

Judah Jabbers
- "I can't tell you what I'm doing cause you might get upset"
- "Are you done phone calling?"
- - "Is he a merry-go-round-man" (while reading Miracle Man)
- "Hugs make me warm"
- "Karisee, I really liked your dry bones dance!"
- "But mom, I didn't get to read my books!" (on a morn I had to wake him to take K to school)
- "Mommy, what's silly of?" (if I laugh, he wants to know what's funny)
- "Daddy, you need to keep better track of me!" (on a bike ride, when he fell)
- "Mom, don't you just love me?" (after he's been a stinker - oh this guy)