Monday, October 15, 2012

Milestones and (1/2) marathons

Are you all savoring the fall season? The favorites around here are red leaves, gourds, apples, and pumpkin butterscotch cookies. Such a delightful and delicious time of year, fresh air and crunching leaves and pink cheeks (sometimes because it's chilly, sometimes because it's warm). Fall, please stay for a long time this year.

Our little family has been enjoying some memorable events the past many weeks (I've been writing this for at least, um, 2 weeks):

Half Marathon:

Trevor and his running buddy finished the "Surly Loppit" a few weeks ago - what a rush! I told Trev I think he should do more races, it's so much fun to watch (I like running as a spectator sport at this time of life. And Karis had a blast, waiting on a blanket with her little friend waiting for their daddies to run by).

Half marathoner - no small feat, I'm proud of this guy

Toddler bed and paci-freezing:

The big transition here lately was taking down the crib (finally, I know) and giving Karis free reign in her room as she sleeps in a cute little toddler bed. I was holding my breath about it all, but it all went wonderfully well. The same night we did that, we also wrapped up her paci, put in a special jewelry box and stuck it in the freezer "for her little brother". Again, wasn't sure how that would go . . . but no problem! Karis is a champ. I was relieved. She even requested Trevor put her to bed, which hasn't happened in months. It was kind of beautiful.
First night in big girl bed

Karis also started praying by herself, melt this momma's heart. She squints her eyes intensely, folds her hands forcefully and says something to the effect of: "Thank you for safe travels. Thank you that mommy is feeling better. Thank you for my friends Julia and Lauren. In Jesus' name, Amen".

Some Karis-isms these days:
- "Are you feeling okay? Are you tired?"
- "Thank you for being so polite! Thank you for asking nicely!"
- "I want Jordan!" (and then snuggled up in a blanket with Uncle Jordan in front of the fire - the first of the fall season, so refreshing)
- "It's my baby brother!"
- "Is it a man or a lady?"
- "Is it outside our inside?"
- "Is this lunch or dinner?"
- "Is this nappers or bedtime?"
- "Good morning, baby brother!"
- "I'm going to save this for my baby brother" (books, socks, anything she can find)
- "Are we there yet?!"
- "All aboard!"
- "I'm going to teach you a game!" (and then proceeds to run around with interesting steps or throw things or whatever it is she's inventing at the moment)
- "Look it! Watch what I do!" (and then moves in some funny way, or dances, or throws something)
- "Mommy, I have to finish my work in the living room" (which is tearing paper into small pieces and putting stickers on them - I love her creativity)
- "Let's read books in bed" (this is her favorite thing to do after waking Trevor up for the day. Also love love love this)
- "Did you know you're precious, too?" (after my telling her she's precious - ah! beautiful)

We just returned from the all-important holiday of Duck Hunting in Bismarck. We fit a lot into a short amount of time: Karis got to go for donuts and the Heritage Center, a big cousin pizza party, train riding at the mall, pumpkin patch with many of her favorite people. I even got a date with MY daddy, went to the Steer, Inc. banquet where we saw many familiar faces, had good chats, and got to hear Lee Strobel share his faith story. The whole weekend was a wonderful whirlwind. Karis has been talking about the "Indians talking the buffalos", running on haybales at the pumpkin patch . . . and she's busily working in making mail for all her cousins - that's my girl!

We savored a recent fall day by going to a nearby nature center, here's Karis exploring. We ended up on a gorgeous, marshy, boardwalk path - that ended up taking us far from our car. Since my bathroom radar is on high alert these days (thank you, baby boy!), I had a painful walk back. Still a fabulous memory, Karis walked and talked to herself about having a family coffee date and all the friends she was going to meet.
Exploring Westwood Hills Nature Center

Very randomly: I came across a couple quotes from a recent quick read, Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls:

"Anyone who things he's too small to make a difference has never been bit by a mosquito" (in context, she was talking about voting - so I thought this was time appropriate)

"The place where you live - your home - is one of the most important things in a body's life" (I just kind of liked that). 

Deep thoughts: none to be expressed at this moment, need to stop and think for a while . . .  maybe someday? Maybe. Loving life on the go for now.