Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When dads dress daughters

I think wonderful things happen when dads dress daughters - or at least wonderful things happen when Trevor dresses Karis. I love when I hear them "talking" in Karis's room and I eagerly anticipate what outfit Karis will show off when they strut down the hall. Here are some recent favorites . . .

This one is from Easter Sunday, on a walk around a nearby lake. The outfit is a gift from our hunting-enthusiast neighbor . . . perfect! The camouflage is offset beautifully by lace and a ruffle-butt.

This was before a little family coffee date at Caribou. Purple hat, pink onesie, purple jacket, yellow pants, and camouflage socks. I love it!

Need I say more about this one? So appropriate (no sarcasm!)

One evening when Trevor got home I ran (well, drove) to Target. When I came back this is what I saw. Trevor loves to put hats on his little girl!

The question now is, what will Karis choose when she can dress herself? I look forward to finding out . . .