Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cliches are true for a reason

I fell asleep last night laughing to myself, thinking of all the things I said I'd "never" do as a mother (before I became a mother, of course):

I said I would never have our baby sleep in our bed.

I said I would try to never use a pacifier.

I said I would never be the mom who can't leave her baby for more than an hour.

I said I would never cut my hair short after becoming a mom.

I said I would never be the wife/mom who knows it all and needs to correct her husband when he is doing something "wrong" in the baby care department.

I said I would never (well, hardly ever anyways) use disposable diapers.

Well, now I say, "Never say never".

Karis sleeps so well in the boppy in our bed (where I can, of course, hold the pacifier to her mouth in case she spits it out and fusses as she falls asleep). So there's the first two nevers - when one needs sleep, one is SO excited to learn that a pacifier really does pacify.

I can hardly go to Target alone without wanting to rush back and just look at Karis and hold her and make sure she's okay. Some days I think it would be nice to go sit by myself for a cup of coffee, and then after a said Target run without Karis in the back seat to keep me company, I don't think I could sit still in Caribou long enough to finish even a small decaf.

I have a hair cut appointment this coming Monday, and all I can think about is how good it would feel to do something drastic to my locks. It's hard to do anything drastic to hair without chopping a good bit of it off.

I admit to (hopefully mostly gently but unfortunately not always as gently as I'd like) correcting Trevor's ways of diapering, soothing, holding. I try to refrain, really I do. My will is so weak.

We were given generous amounts of disposable diapers, so why not use them, right? I love them, really I do. I am asked often "How is cloth diapering going?" and I either answer honestly, or use the cop-out that "Karis is too small for them right now." Which, she is. Kind of.

We're all doing well here, loving every day with this dear daughter God has gifted to us. She's more expressive every day, and we think her first smile will light up her face any day now. Our days fly by, and we've enjoyed fun things like a tea party here with a couple dear moms and daughters, former co-workers came over for dinner one evening, visits to see Uncle Drew, and other random occasions. Now we're packing up to head back home to spend a long weekend with our families. We can't wait for Karis to be with her grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, cousin, and friends.

I mean, doesn't this just look cozy?

Summer dresses have been so fun for dressing Karis

My stunning cousin Hope on her wedding day

Karis looks very thrilled to be going to church

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Proud Parents

Oh my the weeks fly. This week especially has been one of firsts for Karis:

Her first photo shoot. My dear friend from college came to our house and shot some awesome pics of Karis. Check them out at her photography blog. We think Karis is quite the stunning model.

Her first airplane ride took place a couple days ago as we flew into Bozeman, MT for my dear cousin's wedding (hopefully more on that later - it was truly the most amazing wedding I think I've ever been to). Karis was amazing! She hardly cried, she nursed on the way up and down and the pressure didn't seem to bother her a bit. I held my breath the whole time, of course.

Her first wedding, as mentioned above. Again, she was amazing! Slept through the wedding and part of the reception, woke up a bit for part of the dance and showed her beautiful bright eyes to many who held her.

Her first major blowouts. Some changes of clothes and a bath were very necessary. Uff da!

We're loving our little vacation in Montana, the grandparents are loving on her with hands and hearts and I think Karis has been held 24/7 for the past few days. What a blessed life!

And Hope, if you should read this, congratulations and thank ou for letting us share in the joy of your wedding. It was the most precious time for all of us and we are so thrilled for you and Joey!