Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Only Treats

Oh Halloween, thank you for inviting Babe Ruth to join me for breakfast, and giving me butter fingers for my husband. Wouldn't you know, Karis's favorite loot from Halloween was these little books that a neighbor gave her - which is honestly surprising to me, because really books are not usually her favorite thing (I mean, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar!).

We had a delightful time here with dear family friends (thanks, momma Beth, for the minion hats!), chowing some Papa Murphys and then most everyone traversed the cul-de-sac for some treats.

Also worth noting, I witnessed a costume-wardrobe crisis before Karis's preschool party. I empathize, I have a wardrobe crisis for every event for which anything more than jeans and a sweater is required. So now I get to handle mine AND my daughter's - we will grow and learn together. Moving on, the party was the sweetest thing, and I got to go along: they walked across the street to an assisted living center. In costume, they sang a song, did a craft with the residents, ate Little Debbie cupcakes together. Not sweet was the way Karis flips out when I'm around in those situations, melting down and practically refusing to look at me. Interestingly, later, she played back everything I was doing (which was, helping other children and the teachers, I figured I might as well be put to use somewhere and I had a great time). This girl is complicated, and I'm continually grateful for the ways we ARE connecting, and trying to practice "good pretending". Turns out that's a good skill for life.

My two favorite memories from Halloween:

1 - Watching Karis come home from traversing the cul-de-sac, completely uninterested in the candy while being enamored by these dainty books that neighbor Joan gave her. Which honestly, is surprising, because Karis is not often "into" books.
2 - Trevor as Tobias, from Arrested Development (picture below). The whole genesis of his mustache involved the idea of this costume, picture below. His Facebook lit up all night, we laughed hard. But the best part by far was when he came back from trick or treating and told me that we have a neighbor who answered the door . . . and looked just. like. him. Sounded awkward. Hilarious.


"So, all the girls in nightgowns will sing, and all the girls sitting can listen" (guess who was in a nightgown and who was sitting?)
- "So, which way is it to France? Mommy, can we go to Paris someday?" (Madeline books in action)
- "I'm just looking at my hair, to see if it's beautiful"
- "Mom, does that melt your heart?"
- "So, mom, I have a great thing we can do . . . "
- "Mom, do you remember when . . . " (and then she recalls a memory from so long ago that I can hardly remember and then am shocked that she can)
- "Let's play book on tape!" (and then she recites scenes from Madeline)
- "Your voice is so sweet when you wear these clothes" (your guess is as good as mine)
- "Mom, do you know what mom?" (I wish I could count how many times I hear "mom" a day!)
- "Mommy, they look like to kids from our morning song!" (long story)
- "So mom, what opening did Judah come out of?" (oh boy - go ask your dad)
- "Mom, I'll do the laundry. I think you need a break" (Oh sweet girl, thank you!)
- "Mommy, he looks like Mark Storslee!" (talking about the handsome prince in Rapunzel)

Judah updates:
- He weighs close to 19 lbs, 28.5" tall
- He loves orange food, but swipes away green food. He will not pick up a bean and eat it, but devours meat and bread (and will eat the bean if you put it directly in his mouth)
- He does this really intense and adorable thing with his face and body when he is either excited or frustrated: scrunches up his face, squeals, clenches his fists and kind of shakes with intensity (is mellow man mellow no more?)
- He almost crawl up and down the one step to our "drop down" toy room, he can do what looks like a push up. Strong lean bean he is. 
- He struggled with his morning nap yesterday during K's preschool time . . . I nursed him to sleep in the rocker and ended up staying there for an hour. It was one of those moments I'll always remember and not regret. By some grace, I just loved slowing down instead of thinking "this is my only alone time". Yes, that's grace and I'm thankful for that memory of cuddling and watching him sleep. 

Other things:

From Jesus Calling:
"I will not leave you circling in deeply rutted paths. Instead, I will lead you along fresh trails of adventure, revealing to you things you did not know"

From Connections: The Threads that Strengthen Families
"Stay underwhelmed"
"Use time-in to connect/discipline"

From The Irrational Season (Madeleine L'Engle):
“It is within the small events of daily living we are given the grace to condition our responses to frustrations . . . My reflexes of blessing have been conditioned by my parents, my children, my friends. Blessing is an attitude toward all of life, transcending and moving beyond words"

From Carry On Warrior (Glennon Doyle Melton):
"My girls mostly scare me. How do I raise little girls before I'm finished raising my own little girl self?"

From Random Interactions:
At the grocery store recently, a kind man (grandfatherly in stature), stopped me (while I was getting the complimentary cookie for Karis and feeling a bit frayed at the end of the day). He said, "You really on have about 8 years with them, what you're gonna do is gonna be done by then. Kids listen with their eyes! They're watching you. Make sure you and your husband are hugging each other - chase each other around the house, see what your kids do . . . and play classical music all the time"

Whoa! Thanks man - seriously, it felt like a prophetic word to me. I hugged Trevor a few times when he came home that night.

celebrating Karis's 4th Baptism Birthday