Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Babe and her Birthday Bashes

Well, the aforementioned chocolate cake was consumed by many party go-ers, because party we did for Karis’s first birthday. We partied and partied and partied and partied. Literally. So much fun was had celebrating and we surely kept the tradition of month-long birthday festivities.

The first party: A doting mother and father, 2 grandparents, a great aunt and uncle (the uncle is Karis’s “b-day buddy”, she was born on his birthday!), 2 great-grandparents, a delicious meal, the chocolate cake, a John Deere tractor, and lots of laughs.
The second party (on her actual birthday): A doting mother and father, 1 chocolate cupcake at YUM Bakery, another one-year old at a neighboring table that was more interesting and received more attention than than the cupcake.

The third party:A doting mother and father, 5 adult friends, 4 babies, tacos, more chocolate cake, the John Deere tractor, a new toy phone, and more laughs.
The fourth party: A doting mother and father, 2 more grandparents, a (toy) cell phone just for Karis, a trip to Hudson and Stillwater, a prime rib buffet at a nice hotel, laying on the hotel bed watching TV and crawling around on the comfy covers and pillows.
The fifth party: A doting mother and father, an uncle, Karis’s first taste of spaghetti, a bottle of wine (for the adults, of course).

The sixth party: A doting mother and father, 2 grandparents, 4 more great-great grandparents, second cousins, great aunts and uncles, a valley view of Bismarck, more fun toys and a special quilt.
I have to say, I don’t think Karis is even partied out and could probably handle another bash or two.

We definitely have a one year old. In fact, on the anniversary of her technical “due date”, she took her first steps . . . right into her dad’s arms. Deep contented sigh. We are having a blast watching Karis come into her own - lately she loves to have anything on her head. She pulls towels out of drawers and drapes them on her head. Finds washcloths on the floor and puts them on her head. Tries to put books on her head. For about a week she was attached to a little plastic cow that goes with her tractor. Does anyone wonder why we call her “Karis hilarious”? She brings such joy wherever we go, it’s an honor to watch people react to her smile and I can’t count the number of times I hear random people say to Karis, “You just made my day”. What a little gift she is.

In random mom news: this morning I took Karis to the nursery at church. A dear woman that I know and love was manning the room and came up to me, looked in the general area of my midsection and said, “Oh, I didn’t know you were expecting!”. To which I, as graciously as possible, said, “I’m not!” and launched into an explanation of how I’ve definitely kept my nursing ‘ponch’ and tried to make it seem like no big deal. And it’s not really a big deal, but STILL, REALLY? I guess I’ll put this shirt back in the closet (hoping that the bulky shirt is party to blame). Oy. That and maybe start pilates? No, not going to start pilates, thank you very much. Wear control-top pants, maybe? Improve my posture? Wear a shirt that says “No, I’m not so please don’t ask”? I’m open to suggestions. One good thing that comes out of such comments is that they prompt me to write, so thank you nice nursery worker woman for pointing out my ponch so that I would finally update this blog. =)

Such comments tend to coincide with days that Trevor and I get a date (which we did today, so nice - but poor guy had to listen to me drone on about the morning's comment. I'm over it, really I am. A post to come on a date occurrence that helped me get over it). I can be thankful for a dear and sensitive husband who lets me be me - it’s been the greatest joy to watch Trevor love Karis, she adores her daddy and so do I. I’m relishing the rhythms of routine the three of us are falling into, from morning songs to post-dinner clean up to walks to before bed reading to Sunday night ice cream cones at McD’s. Where did the year go?